Midland Grand Reveal Weekend Recap

June 02nd, 2023

Midland Grand Reveal Weekend Recap

The Model Home at Midland is officially open! We had a stellar turnout on April 22nd & 23rd for our Midland Mode Grand Reveal Weekend. Whether you were a curious passerby that happened to swing in, or have been following the launch of this neighborhood for months, we were incredibly humbled by the huge showing and positive feedback we received from the Westfield community.

The foundation of Midland's design revolves around interconnectedness. Midland aims to promote connectivity with your neighbors, with nature, and with the broader urban landscape of Westfield, Indiana. What better way to kick off the them of connectivity than to be joined by local bands, food trucks, and businesses at our premier event?! Thank you to Vino, 3 Dolls, Rose and Lois, Chez Pauline, Timbar, and the Hoosier Cookie Company for keeping our guests' stomaches full of yummy treats. Another huge thank you to the bands Mixtape and My Yellow Rickshaw for your support in the launch of Midland. If you love connecting with local businesses and artists as much as we do, check out the list of vendor's social medias below! 


Rose and Lois (@roseandlois)

3 Dolls (@threedollsandco)

Chez Pauline (@chezpaulinebakery)

Timbar (@thetimbar)

Hoosier Cookie Company (@hoosiercookiecompany)


Vino (@vinomobilebar)


Mixtape (@mixtapeindy)

My Yellow Rickshaw (@myyellowrickshaw)

Midland is more than just home. Walking and cycling paths have been paved to weave seamlessly throughout the community, encouraging residents to embrace an active lifestyle. These thoughtfully planned paths, not only facilitate easy access to planned amenities, but also serve as conduits for social encounters, strengthening the neighborhood's social fabric.

By prioritizing connectivity, Midland seeks to enhance neighborly interactions, promote sustainable living, and foster a sense of belonging. We are grateful for the warm Westfield welcome we received and can't wait to fill the homes of Midland with people seeking a place that is more than just home.

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