Midland | More than Just Home

March 10th, 2023

Midland | More than Just Home

Welcome to Midland, a place where your living space and all your favorite activities collide! Midland is not for those who are just looking for a new home. Midland is for those looking for a whole new place.  A place with parks to play at.  A place with trails to stroll down.  A place with concerts to dance at.  A place to connect. 

As you enter this one of-a-kind neighborhood you’ll notice The Station.  The Station is the heart of Midland.  Here you will boogie at concerts, meet new friends, shop local goods, play with your kids at the park, and make your new neighborhood feel like more than home.  The Station will host farmers markets, summer concerts, neighborhood events, and so much more! 

Midland goes far beyond a neighborhood you come home to.  Midland is a community where your days will be filled with good neighbors, peaceful walks by the ponds, a bike ride down the Midland Trace Trail, and the most exciting events on the Northside of Indianapolis.  And it can all be a few steps from your front door! It is our vision to create a neighborhood where home becomes your favorite place to be.  From the architecture of the homes to the intentionality behind the amenities, Midland is designed for those who are looking to enrich their lifestyle. 

Centrally located in Westfield, Indiana, Midland is just a hop, skip, and jump from all you could need! 5 minutes from Grand Park, 15 minutes to interstate 65, 35 minutes to Downtown Indianapolis, and 40 minutes to Indianapolis International Airport make Midland one of the most desirable locations in Indiana.  Not only is connectivity a focal point inside the neighborhood, but Midland also makes it easy to stay connected to the greater Indianapolis community! 

Now that you have a picture painted in your head of what your life could look like at Midland, let’s get into the details that make all the difference.  Homes at Midland are intentionally designed to “wow” viewers as they drive by, but they are also architecturally designed to foster the connection that is the foundation of our vision.  Between welcoming front porches, friends entries, outdoor living areas, and plenty of indoor entertaining space, Midland is curated for those looking for connectivity. 

Midland will be home to neighborhood events in Westfield, Indiana such as socials, summer sweat series, festivals, game nights, and that is just the tip of the iceberg!  Moving to Midland doesn’t just mean that you will only have a stunning new home.  Moving to Midland means elevating your lifestyle by cultivating connection right from your front porch. 

Midland is more than just home.  Find your place and enrich your life at Midland.

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