The Estridge Legacy

October 27th, 2023

The Estridge Legacy

2022 marked the celebration of 55 years serving as Indy's Hometown Builder. As a local, private builder, our processes and home-buying experience are intentionally different from our competitors. Like all other businesses , we have evolved over the years. While our business model, products and designs have changed over time, the heart and intentionality of the people working for Estridge Homes has remained the same. 

Let's jump back in time. In 1967, Paul E Estridge founded the Paul E. Estridge Company. This custom home-building business was recognized for the quality and splendor of the homes built. Aided by a team passionate for quality and success, the Paul E. Estridge company built a solid foundation of trust and was known for beautiful execution. 

In 1983, after working for years by his fathers side, Paul E Estridge Jr. was anxious to start his own company. His vision was to serve a different segment of the market by building and developing entire neighborhoods of unique designs for individuals and families alike. Thus, The Estridge Group was born. The Estridge Group went on to build over 8,000 homes in a variety of price ranges, built to fit all stages of life. 

In the early 2000's the housing market weathered a significant downturn. Like many other home builders, due the changes in the bank lending climate and regualtions of builders and developers, The Estridge Group had no choice but to close doors after 43 years of business. This was no easy task and took a toll on everyone touched by the home-building crisis, both at The Estridge Group, and the Real Estate market in general. 

However, motivated by the challenges endured and eager to recalibrate, Paul E. Estridge Jr. got to work. Using adversity to gain new perspective and create a new vision, two years later, Estridge Homes was reborn. Set with the intention to be a small, local company focused on consumer needs, Estridge Homes regrouped to better serve homebuyers in the greater Indianapolis community. Comprised of a dynamic group of professionals, and intentional execution, Estridge Homes has survived and thrived since the relaunch. 

In 2018, Estridge Homes announced Paul E. Estridge Jr. would be stepping away from day-to-day operations and introduced a new Chief Executive Officer, Clint Mitchell. While Paul was still an owner and involved in Estridge Homes, he was able to also pursue other passions as well. He launched his podcast, Survive and Advance,and opened one of the most notable dining spots in Carmel, Monterey Coastal Cuisine. Before Paul's passing, earlier this year, the new generation of Estridge Homes leaders were able to shadow, work alongside, and learn from one of the most esteemed leaders in the Indianapolis community. When we look back, we are incredibly grateful and inspired by the two generations of the Estridge family leading this company. Today, Estridge Homes is proud of its history, the people that comprise its staff and look forward to the growth and development of the company.

As always, ONWARD! 

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